Tunnel Lochweidli

The Lochweidli tunnel is the core of the 2nd stage of the 3.36km Wattwil bypass in the canton of Sankt Gallen and was built by the ARGE Lochweidli consortium. 

  • 313 Meter long road tunnel
  • 13.5 Million CHF
The tunnel, which is being excavated by blasting, is 313m long and consists of the 255m long mining section and cut-and-cover tunnels 44m and 14m long respectively on both sides.

In front of the north portal, a new electrical control center will be built and the existing Rütibach stream will be raised and led over the new tunnel. In front of the south portal, a new stream culvert will be constructed prior to tunnel driving to provide access to the portal. Retaining walls of natural stone will also be constructed along both portals.

Special features: The excavated material from the Lochweidli tunnel was crushed at the installation site, screened and reinstalled within the project.

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