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In recent years, we have successfully completed a large number of interesting projects. We specialise in new tunnel construction and rehabilitation, whether road or rail tunnel, whether mechanized or conventional. We are experts in tunnelling.

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In Switzerland and abroad, we serve our customers with full commitment - competently and fairly!

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In tunneling as part of classical infrastructure construction, we bring the highest level of competence and many years of experience - especially in conventional, but also in mechanized hard rock excavation. Together with our highly motivated and specialized teams, we are able to develop holistic and intelligent tunneling solutions for small and large infrastructure projects. Depending on the project design and requirements, we act alone or in joint ventures to generate maximum benefits for the customer in all phases of the project.

Mechanical tunneling

Tunnel boring machines are particularly efficient if they can be used over longer distances and the geological conditions do not vary too much. In addition to efficiency, mechanized tunneling impresses with a high degree of automation.

In this case, support can be provided with segments (prefabricated concrete segments) directly after excavation, which in most cases also serve as internal support. Alternatively, in stable rock conditions, support can be provided by shotcrete.

Conventional tunneling

Blasting and excavation are mostly used when the driving lengths are either small or the rock conditions are highly variable. Conventional tunneling is highly variable and can be adapted to the prevailing conditions at any time. In most cases, the inner lining of cast-in-place concrete is installed after the tunnel has been secured with shotcrete and anchors.

Railroad technology

As a specialist in railroad technology, we realized the challenging Gotthard Base Tunnel railroad project. Our core competence is the construction of special track systems such as slab tracks and mass-spring systems. These systems are used wherever the rail network has to meet high and complex utilization and construction requirements.

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