On behalf of the Freiburg Regional Council, Heitkamp is constructing the approx. 881m long, two-lane Brandberg Tunnel near Winden in Elztal (Baden-W├╝rttemberg) as a member of ARGE Tunnel Brandberg. It serves to relieve the town center from through and heavy traffic.

  • 881 Meter long road tunnel
  • 53 Million CHF
The 765m long mining section is followed by a 10m and a 106m long cut-and-cover tunnel. In addition, two rescue tunnels with a length of 103m and 178m will be excavated as escape routes.

The tunnel will be excavated mainly in the downward direction using blasting and excavation methods, with the complete calotte being driven from east to west and the bench and invert excavated subsequently, in reverse to the calotte drive.

The tunnel is sealed watertight all around and receives a reinforced, up to 90cm thick inner vault made of PP fiber-reinforced concrete.

Special feature: The rock in the mining tunnel is partly geogenically contaminated with asbestos. Therefore, the excavation was carried out under full respiratory protection (blower-assisted filter devices with helmet) as well as extensive technical protective measures.

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