For safety reasons, the single-track Aroser Tunnel, which was put into operation in 1914, is being widened and renewed over its entire tunnel length, partially under rail operation, with the line layout remaining unchanged.

  • 299 Meter long railroad tunnel
  • 22 Million CHF
During a total closure period of around 10 months and night-time breaks for railroad operations, the natural stone vault of the 299m long tunnel will be completely demolished and the tunnel profile widened with the aid of a pipe shield drive.

The widened tunnel will receive a foil sealing and a shotcrete inner vault. In order to preserve the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the two renewed portal areas will be masoned with local natural quarry stone, thus reproducing the original condition.

Special feature: As a result of the very low overburden (in places, the foundation of the hotel reaches as far as the existing tunnel vault), the hotel "Haus am Wald" is being carefully tunnelled under in small stages under the protection of advance grouting and a horizontally drilled pipe screen.
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