The 4,420m long Uetliberg Tunnel is a section of the A3 freeway south of Zurich and consists of two separate directional carriageways, which are connected every 300m with cross-connections as escape routes. 

  • 4420 Meter long road tunnel
  • 385 Million CHF
During the construction of the Uetliberg Tunnel by ARGE Uetli, various excavation methods were used to penetrate the highly differentiating rock.

Thus, classical blasting (1.2km), loose rock excavation with up to 7 sections (1.6km), a Gripper tunnel boring machine (with 5m diameter) for the pilot tunnels as well as a tunnel boring machine with undercutting technology with 14.40m diameter (5.6km) as well as open cut construction methods for the cut-and-cover tunnels (400m) were used. 

The tunnel was constructed as a double-shell tunnel with full sealing, a reinforced inner vault, an intermediate ceiling and a service duct.
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