Gotthard Base Tunnel (shell)

The Gotthard Base Tunnel is with 57 km the longest railroad tunnel in the world and connects the southern canton of Ticino with central Switzerland - canton of Uri.

  • 31.2 Tunnel kilometer built
  • 2.8 Billion CHF
The lot combination Bodio and Faido - executed by ARGE Consorzio TAT - comprises two single-track tunnel tubes with a total length of 31.2 km, which were excavated with hard rock - Gripper TBMs with diameters of 8.80m and 9.30m. The two parallel tunnel tubes are connected every 312m with cross passages (92 in total).

In the Faido section, a multifunction station with lane-changing caverns, emergency stops, exhaust tunnel and shaft systems and technical installation caverns with a total extension of 9.6km was also excavated by blasting. The lining of the tunnel system consists of a waterproofing membrane and a generally unreinforced cast-in-place concrete inner shell.

Special features: The approximately 670,000 m3 of the Faido multifunction station was excavated by blasting. One of the highlights were the 4 tunnel branching caverns, each with a length of 200m, excavation cross-sections of up to 330m2 and a volume of up to 45'000 m3.
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